We have two scooping freezers which can hold seven flavours each, they are ideal to take to fetes, agricultural shows, fund raisers, corporate events, festivals and any other event you wish. It depends on the size of event whether we have one or both freezers.

There is also a mini scooping freezer which holds two to four flavours and is perfect for barbeques and smaller parties at home, it can be hired or we can come to serve the ice cream for you.

We offer three sizes of cones, mini which is perfect for children or people with a smaller appetite, single and double, which allows you to indulge in two flavours! There are also gluten free cones available for people with coeliac disease or gluten intolerances to enjoy their ice cream in.

For an idea of flavours available please check our flavours page.

If it is a private party you can chose a selection of ice creams to fill the freezer, while other events we will fill the freezer with a selection.