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Our Products

We have a wide variety of flavours of ice cream and sorbets served in cones, pots, half litres to take home or catering sizes.

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Ice Cream Cakes

Bespoke ice cream cakes are made in petit four, individual and gateaux sizes to be as individual as you are.

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Ice Cream Cart

Wow guests at your party, wedding or corporate event with ice cream served from our traditional ice cream cart.

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The Flavours

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Our Story

Glen Urr Ice Cream is a quality product, lovingly made from the milk and cream produced by our herd of award winning Ayrshire cows.

Great care is taken to select first class, natural ingredients to combine with the milk and cream to produce a luxuriously smooth farmhouse ice cream which can be enjoyed either in cones or taken home in tubs or large catering quantities.

We are constantly striving to increase our extensive range by adding flavours requested by our customers and clients. Because we hand make the batches and it is a small, family run business, we can experiment and try out more unusual flavours as well as, of course favourites which our customers return for time and time again.

Ice cream production started in May 2008 and small local events were attended, serving our products from an old-fashioned ice cream cart. We have since progressed to supplying farm shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes across Dumfries and Galloway.

We also specialise in serving ice cream from our old fashioned cart at weddings and functions where the guests can be treated to a choice of six different flavours served in cones or tubs.

The acquisition of The Toffee Shop in 2009 has allowed us to provide many of our regular customers with a vast selection of 25 different flavours at the height of the season for cones and also a large stock of 500ml tubs to take home.

It became very apparent early on that many people have food allergies and intolerances, so for that reason we try to cater for as many of these as we can.

Our large selection of fruit sorbets allows those with a dairy or egg intolerance to enjoy the ice-cream experience because our sorbets are rich in flavour and creamy in texture giving the impression of ice cream. We also offer gluten-free cones.

The most recent development has been that of ice cream cakes, petit fours, individual portions and two and three tier gateaux. At present these are only made to order, but the beauty is that you can choose the flavours and size you wish allowing your ice cream cake to be as individual as you are.
With more than 70 different flavours to choose from the combinations are endless.